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Fuel Flow Meters - Liquid

The compact fuel flow meter for monitoring fuel consumption

The FUEL-VIEW series of fuel flow meters offer a compact, light weight and very cost-effective solution for measuring fuel consumption and operating time of vehicles, tractors, river vessels or any mobile or fixed installations with diesel engines. Its unique features for protecting and preventing theft of fuel, the protection against overstatement of readings and intervention and the patented method of measuring different engine operating times makes FUEL-VIEW the best solution on the market today.
differential fuel flow meter

Fuel Flow Meter
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Wired (AK)


LCD - Wired (CK)

Actual Flow
Total Flow  
Total Flow with increased capacity
Counter: Engine working time  
Counter: Engine working time in''Idling Mode"  
Counter: Engine working time in ''Optimal Mode"  
Counter: Engine working time in "Overload Mode"  
Measuring chamber temperature  
Pulse output for Remote Readout      



Max. Flow

Engine Power

Wired (AK)


LCD - Wired (CK)

Differential (D)

DFM-50 1 l/h 50 l/h 80 (kW) DFM-50A-K
DFM-100  2 l/h 100 l/h  150 (kW)  DFM-100A-K DFM-100C DFM-100C-K DFM-100D*
DFM-250  5 l/h 250 l/h  300 (kW)  DFM-250A-K DFM-250C DFM-250C-K DFM-250D*
DFM-500 10 l/h 500 l/h >300 (kW) DFM-500A-K DFM-500C DFM-500C-K DFM-500D*

* Minimum flow of DFM-100D is 10 l/h, DFM-250D is 25 l/h and DFM-500D is 100 l/h

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