Tuesday 25 February, 2020
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This selection/quotation tool will advise you in selecting the right fuel flow meter (FUEL-VIEW model) and displays your price.

The FUEL-VIEW series offer a compact, light weight and very cost-effective solution for measuring fuel consumption and operating time of vehicles, tractors, river vessels or any mobile or fixed installations with diesel engines. Its unique features for protecting and preventing theft of fuel, the protection against overstatement of readings and intervention and the patented method of measuring different engine operating times makes FUEL-VIEW the best solution on the market today.




Select if you need a standard fuel flow meter with one inlet and outlet or a differential fuel flow meter with one inlet/outlet for the supply line and one inlet/outlet for the return line.
Differential fuel flow meters have two measuring chambers and calculate in realtime the difference between supply and return line.


Select if a local display is required (or in combination with a pulse output)


Select flow range in L/H.

You should choose a fuel flow meter for vehicles with a modern engine EURO 3/4/5.

The choice of FUEL-VIEW meters for different engines

Engine Power (kW)

Recommended fuel flow meter

Recommended mounting kit

Until 80 DFM-50 Installation kit 2
80 – 150 DFM-100 Installation kit 2
150 – 300 DFM-250 Installation kit 2
> 300 DFM-500 Installation kit 4 or installation kit 5

The choice of FUEL-VIEW meters for boiler/burner:

Boiler heat (kW)

Recommended meter

Recommended mounting kits

400 DFM-50 Installation kit 2
800 DFM-100 Installation kit 2
1500 DFM-250 Installation kit 2
3500 DFM-500 Installation kit 4 or installation kit 5


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