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The FUEL-VIEW FAQ page displays all frequently asked questions to us and displays the answers.


Which data can be read from the LCD screens of the fuel flowmeter models with local LCD display?

Screen No

Displayed data

Resolution, units


1  Counter “Total fuel consumption”  0.1, l X
2  Counter “Total fuel consumption with increased resolution” 0.001, l X
3  Counter “Engine working time” 0.1, h X
4  Counter “Engine working time in Idling mode” 0.1, h X
5  Counter “Engine working time in Optimal mode” 0.1, h X
6  Counter “Engine working time in Overload mode” 0.1, h X
7  Counter “Fuel consumption in Tamper mode” 0.1, l X
8**  Counter “Time of interference” 0.1, h X
9  Instant fuel consumption / actual flow rate 0.1, l/h X
10  Battery charge level 10, % X
11  Measuring chamber temperature 1, °C X
12  Firmware version (X.X) and chamber volume (Y) (optional)  =Y  XX
13  [. . . . . . . . .     ] Device is in “Standby mode” X
 [ – – – – – – – – –  ] Device is in “Tamper mode” X
 [ |||||||||          ] Device is in “Interference mode”  X

* Corresponds to the model number
** Not available on separate readout units

Each screen can be set by applying the selector magnet to the screen of the meter (more information)

What are the pulse specifications for the fuel flow meter?

The pulse specifications for using our (models A-K, D and C-K) fuel flow meters with a remote readout unit are specified below.


 Timp min

 Timp max

 Scaled pulse

 Impulse parameters DFM fuel flow meters
 DFM-50 360 ms  18000 ms  5 ml/pulse
 DFM-100 180 ms  9000 ms  5 ml/pulse
 DFM-100D 200 ms  36000 ms  5 ml/pulse
 DFM-250 180 ms  9000 ms  12.5 ml/pulse
 DFM-250D 200 ms 90000 ms  12.5 ml/pulse
 DFM-500 144 ms  7200 ms  20 ml/pulse
 DFM-500D 180 ms 144000 ms  20 ml/pulse

Uhigh= U supply (Ubattery)

Ulow= 0.7V

tlow= 80 ms

if one takes the model DFM-250, the highest flow is 60 seconds x 60 minutes / 180 ms = 20.000 pulses per hour = 250 l/h

What are the fuel flow meter operation modes ?

Operating mode Flow rate (Q) B* C*
Idling mode 0 < Q < 0.1 x Qnom X
Optimal mode 0.1 x Qnom < Q < 1.5 x Qnom X
Overload mode 1.5 x Qnom < Q < 2 x Qnom X
Tampering mode 2 x Qnom < Q < 10 x Qnom X X
Air blowing submode Q > 10 x Qnom X X

Qnom = nominal fuel flow (see product page for the right value for your instrument)

* Corresponds to the model number

How to choose a fuel flow meter?

You should choose a fuel flow meter for vehicles with a modern engine EURO 3/4/5.

The choice of FUEL-VIEW meters for different engines

Engine Power (kW)

Recommended fuel flow meter

Recommended mounting kit

Until 80 DFM-50 Installation kit 2
80 – 150 DFM-100 Installation kit 2
150 – 300 DFM-250 Installation kit 2
> 300 DFM-500 Installation kit 4 or installation kit 5

The choice of FUEL-VIEW meters for boiler/burner:

Boiler heat (kW)

Recommended meter

Recommended mounting kits

 400  DFM-50 Installation kit 2
 800  DFM-100 Installation kit 2
 1500  DFM-250 Installation kit 2
 3500 DFM-500 Installation kit 4 or installation kit 5

You can also use our Product Selector to find the fuel flow meter you are looking for.

What is the replacement interval of the battery of the fuel flow meter?

The estimated duration of battery life is at least 24 months.

How will the fuel flow meter define engine operating time?

As long as fuel flows through the fuel flow meter, the counter will count.

Is it possible to deceive the fuel flow meter?

It is recommended to seal pipe connections on the output of the fuel flow meter. If you control seals condition deceiving FUEL-VIEW will be impossible.

At which place is it necessary to seal a fuel system after the fuel flow meter installation?

It is not necessary to drain the fuel in front of the fuel flow meter,  because this volume of fuel is not considered. That’s why you have to seal all the joints of fuel line after the FUEL-VIEW:  the fuel flow meter output, the return valve, input to a high pressure fuel pump and its cap. Besides, usually it is necessary to seal the bleed valve on tractors, on YAMZ or KAMAZ engines;  it concerns the feeding tubes of the electrotorch prestarting preheater.

Commissioning a FUEL-VIEW instrument

For proper operation make sure that the feed line and return line (if applicable) are connected correctly and that the flow rates are within the specifications of the instrument. In case of a set up including a display please make sure that you only use the magnetic key which comes with the instrument.

DFM hook up

How to install a fuel flow meter on a vehicle

This video shows how to install a fuel flow meter (FUEL-VIEW) on a vehicle.

My fuel flow meter does not give an output signal

The DFM AK, CK or D versions give a pulse signal. If there is no pulse output:

1) check if a correct connection is made to the recording and display device. See brochure or manual for the right connection scheme)

2) check if the fuel filter is the problem, remove and clean the fuel filter

Why does the fuel flow meter only show dots on the screen?

This is because the meter is in power save (standby) mode. All fuel flow meter models with display stay in standby mode unless you ‘wake’ the meter with the selector magnet.
Also switching between ‘screens’  is carried out through applying the selector magnet to the surface of the meter.

sleep/standby mode

Sleep / standy mode
selector magnet

Selector magnet

Is it possible to reset the counter values of the fuel flow meter?

It is not possible to reset the counter values of the FUEL-VIEW DFM B, C or C-K models.

What fluids can be measured by the fuel flow meter?

Fuel flow meters can measure the following fluids:

  • Diesel fuel
  • Mineral oil
  • Other types of liquids with kinematic viscosity from 1.5 to 6 cSt (mm2/sec)
  • LPG is unfortunately NOT possible
Applications with higher viscosity liquids are also possible, but the maximum consumption may get less than critical and the pressure on the meter will go down. All FUEL-VIEW meters are tested with diesel fuel. The materials resistant to gasoline are used for manufacturing of the fuel flow meter. However the declared lifetime of the measuring chamber is not guaranteed when operating with gasoline.
Use safety means in accordance with the national laws when working with gasoline.

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