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100 L/H Differential Fuel Flow Meter [Wired]

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  • Model: DFM-100D-K
  • Shipping Weight: 2.3kg
  • Brand: FUEL-VIEW

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Limited stock available,
book now to avoid disappointment.

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Features of fuel flow meter

  • Measures the differential fuel consumption of vehicles, where it is not possible to use the single-chamber fuel meter.
  • Pulse output for remote readout. (For instance on-board controller with discrete or pulse input 0-32V).
  • Can be used with vehicle tracking systems and fuel monitoring systems installed on motor vehicles with modern EURO (TIER) 3/4/5 diesel engines.
  • Strong metal moulded case.
  • Flow meter design provides a fuel flow even when measuring ring has stopped.
  • Can be used with installation schemes with a supply- and return fuel line.
  • Ease of mounting and operation
  • Mounting in any position
  • Built-in fuel filter
  • Extended work range and accurate measurement ensured by digital
    processing of signal
  • Stable to vibrations and hydraulic shock
  • Wide clearing section minimizes hydraulic resistance of fluid flow
  • Sustainable product design:
    - Low power consumption

Scope of delivery

  • FUEL-VIEW flow meter (DFM-100D / DFM-100D-K)
  • Loose end interconnecting cable (including plug, ±7 meters)
  • packing box
  • certificate of verification
  • FUEL-VIEW Short form manual
  • (optional) Installation kit
    see Complementary Products tab

Flow Ranges





DFM-100D-K 10 l/h
(2.6 GPH
100 l/h
(26 GPH)
max. diff.
100 kW
(134 hp)

The operating principle of differential diesel meters is to calculate the fuel consumption as a difference between the flow rates in supply and return fuel lines of the engine.
Differential fuel consumption meter FUEL-VIEW consists of two three-dimension ring type measuring chambers. Each chamber generates the impulse, when the volume of fuel (which is equal to the measuring chamber volume) passes through it. Electronic scheme is responsible for the impulses deduction and output impulses formation. For the 1 liter of consumed fuel DFM generates the number of impulses, which is marked on the meter harness.


differential fuel flow meter


Technical Specifications



Acceptable liquids Gasoline*, fuel oil, motor fuel, bio fuel, diesel, petrol*, mineral oil. Other liquids with kinematic viscosity from 1.5 to 6mm2/sec are possible but maximal flow rate could be lower than the specified flow range and pressure drop over the instrument can be higher.
Operating Pressure 2 .. 25 bar(a)
Operating temperature -40 .. 80 °C (-40 .. 176 °F)
Accuracy ± 3% RD
Humidity 95% at environmental temperature of 40 °C (104 °F)
with acceleration of 100 m/s2 in frequency range of 5 .. 250 Hz
Aggressive environment steady to fuel and lubricant materials

* DFM fuel flow meters are manufactured of petrol-proof materials. While working with petrol, national legislation safety measures must be applied and the declared lifetime of the measuring chamber of the flow meter is not guaranteed.



Materials (wetted parts) Housing: Zinc-Aluminium alloy (ZA4)
O-Ring: aluminium
Gasket: oil-resistant rubber
Chamber Bridge: steel
Bushing with magnets: plastic
Mud filter: plastic and steel grid
Chamber cover: Zinc-Aluminium
Protection IP54



Output scaled pulse, min. 0.7V, max. Usupply
External power supply 10 .. 50 Vdc
Current Consumption For 12 Vdc - 50 mA
For 24 Vdc - 25 mA

Process Connections

Each model has an R female M14 x 1.5 thread. Optional connection kits are available.

Pressure Drop

Pressure Drop of Fuel Flow Meter

Installation scheme

Installation scheme of differential fuel flow meter



Dimensions of fuel flow meter



Download our technical documentation about FUEL-VIEW instruments



The fields of application for FUEL-VIEW are diverse:
  • Fuel consumption on: vehicles, river vessels, diesel generators and burners/boilers
  • Engine performance testing
  • Engine time monitoring to pro-actively signal maintenance
  • Real-time fuel monitoring and consumption reduction
Measure Fuel Flow

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