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Battery powered MASS-VIEW

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  • Step 1. Select a MASS-VIEW model.
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  • Step 2. Battery Pack (already selected)
  • Step 3. Select a supply cable
  • Step 4. Calibration certificate (optional)
  • Step 5. Adapter set (optional)

Battery pack

  • Model: MV-Package Deal
  • Shipping Weight: 2.475kg
  • Brand: MASS-VIEW

Step 1.

Which model do I need?

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MASS-VIEW Battery Pack
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Portable battery powered mass flow meter

Nowadays, autonomous instruments and sensors are in use for a variety of applications. Typically found in smart buildings and factories as well as environmental analyzers, these sensing applications also include gas monitoring. They rely heavily on battery power to function since they are often placed in remote locations where line power is unavailable.

The MASS-VIEW® series provides modern, novel and economical alternative to variable area meters (VA meters), also known as purge meters. The rechargeable Battery Pack enables you to take the MASS-VIEW  series as a portable mass flow meter for remote locations where line power is not available. It provides the ability to power up and operate your flow meter continuous for 24 hours on a single charge which takes around 4 till 6 hours. The high capacity battery can be recharged even more than 800 times and is protected by a casing of high strength plastic.

Scope of delivery

The battery powered flow meter package provides a true total solutions to your stand-alone applications. The package will include the following items:

MASS-VIEW instrument
Selecting the right digital mass flow instrument, this Package Deal includes a MASS-VIEW model which meet your specific requirements.
In case you need any help by selecting the right flow meter, regulator or controller, it is recommended to make use of the online Product Selector.

A calibration certificate of the selected MASS-VIEW model as well as adapater sets are optional selectable.

Instrument cable
The instrument cable (length: 3 meter) makes the electrical connection between Battery Pack and the selected MASS-VIEW instrument. It is a universal cable suitable for all MASS-VIEW models.

Battery Pack
The Battery Pack is a power source designed to be compatible with the MASS-VIEW series. It is a high capacity battery and it carries a long cycle time. Herewith the MASS-VIEW instrument becomes a truly portable mass flow meter suitable for gas flow measurement applications.
Technical specifications, including dimensions are displayed on the product page of the Battery Pack.

Charger adapter
The charger adapter is used to put electric energy into the MASS-VIEW Battery pack. The built-in safety circuit protects the battery pack against over-charge, over-discharge and over-current, which improves the reliability of this product.

Power supply cable
The power supply cable is used to connect the Battery Pack to line power supply to recharge the battery. There are up to four different models selectable based on the AC adapter used in your region. Please select the correct one.

Europe power supply cable C5

Europe power supply cable C5

United Kingdom power supply cable C5

United Kingdom power supply cable C5

United States power supply cable C5

United States power supply cable C5

Australia power supply cable C5

Australia power supply cable C5

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