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FluidAdd - additional gas for MASS-VIEW

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  • Model: MFO.FLD.ADD
  • Brand: MASS-VIEW acc

Please Choose:

Enter serial number of the instrument (has to match exact!)

Enter name of the gas (max 8 characters)

Specify own specified conversion factor

Specify the normal density in kg/m3 at 0C, 1013.25 hPa

Fully stocked, despatch </br> will be within 2 days.
Fully stocked, despatch
will be within 2 days.


This product should be ordered only for instruments which you already possess. This product cannot be sold with new MASS-VIEWs at once.

To order an additional gas/conversion factor for MASS-VIEW®, the following data has to be specified:

  • Serial number of the MASS-VIEW®
  • The name of the gas.
  • Conversion factor (see specification below)
  • Normal density (density of the gas at 0°C, 1013.25 hPa in kg/m3). You may check Fluidat® for the correct data. This density is needed to show the flow not only in normalised volume flow units (like ln/min or ls/min) but also in mass flow units like g/h.

Please note: A FluidAdd offers a single flow range and can only be used on standard MASS-VIEWs (MV-x0x, like MV-302 or MV-106) and not on special H2 or He models (MV-x9x, like MV-392-HE or MV-196-H2).

MASS-VIEW sticker Enter the serial number of your MASS-VIEW® (which is already delivered to you). The serial number has to match exactly. Failure to do so will result in not able to add a new fluid to your instrument.

The FluidAdd software will check this serial number when adding. The serial number is printed on the sticker which is on the back side of the instrument. For instance on this example, the serial number is M01234567A

Background information about the Conversion Factor:

The theoretical conversion factor (CFMassview) for a target gas that is used for MASS-VIEW® can be defined as: the multiply factor that is used to calculate the normal mass flow quantity of a target gas that should be applied to the MASS-VIEW® in order to obtain the same output signal as it would read when applying Air.
The conversion factor for MASS-VIEW® has to be specified for volume flow units referenced to normal conditions of 0 °C and 1013.25 hPa (a).

The formula for the converted flow is:

Fnew = FAir x CFMassview

In which:
Fnew* = newly calculated flow displayed on
MASS-VIEW®  in normal volume flow units (e.g. ln/min)
FAir = Air flow in normal volume flow units (e.g. ln/min)

CFMassview = Specified conversion factor which can be calculated on Fluidat on the Net.
The new flow is calculated by a fixed specified conversion factor which causes an additional uncertainty to the displayed values on the MASS-VIEW®

After ordering this additional fluid, an e-mail will be sent which contains the Fluid-file and a link to a piece of software called FluidAdd. This software is designed for Intel processor based systems running the Microsoft Windows operating system. After installation of the software a MASS-VIEW® should be connected to a RS-232 port of the computer (you need to have the correct cables for this ). After starting FluidAdd, it will ask on which RS-232 port MASS-VIEW® is connected and on which position the new fluid should be loaded. The existing fluid on that position will be overwritten (which can be restored by selecting the reset  factory defaults menu option)

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