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Magnetic Flow Meter [12.5Е250 lpm]

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  • Model: MVM-250-Q
  • Shipping Weight: 1kg
  • Brand: MAG-VIEW

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Limited stock available,
book now to avoid disappointment.


Features of Magnetic Flow Meter

  • Makes liquid flows visible by
    • Pulse output
    • Blinking LED (red/green)
  • No mechanical wear
  • No moving parts
  • Ease of mounting and operation
  • Mounting in any position
  • Free pipe cross section
  • No additional pressure drop
  • Fast response (<100 ms)
  • Insensitive with contaminated liquids
  • Ideal solution for interference free operation combined with a long-life cycle
  • Can be used in areas where flow sensors with moving parts cannot be applied
  • Wide independence to the inlet and outlet pipe creates the advantage to be able to install in compact machines with cramped confines

Scope of delivery

  • Magnetic Flow Meter
  • Calibration certificate
  • Packing box
  • MAG-VIEW Manual
  • (optional) instrument cable

Flow Ranges

This magnetic flow meter is suitable to measure flows of water and other conductive liquids within a flow range of 12.5 .. 250 lpm.




output signal starts

MVM-250-Q 12.5 l/min 250 l/min ~ 5 l/min



Technical Specifications



Accuracy* ± 1%RD
Repeatability 1%
Rangeability 1:20
Signal output
starting from
~ 5 l/min
Medium Water and other conductive liquids with a minimum
conductivity of 20 μS/cm (lower conductivity affects the accuracy)
Medium temperature
-10...60 °C (not freezing)
Operating pressure
10 bar(a) (20 °C), 8 bar(a) (40 °C), 6 bar(a) (60 °C)
Nominal diameter
DN 25
Process connection
G1¼'' BSP male thread
Flow indication
Green LED: flow proportional flashing; red LED: supply voltage
Response time
< 100 ms



Materials (wetted parts)

Housing: ABS
Electrodes: Stainless Steel 316L
Process connections: PVDF
Measuring pipe: PVDF
Grounding rings: Stainless Steel 316L

Protection IP65



Frequency output

  Pulse rate
80 pulses/l
12.5 ml/pulse
  Signal shape
Square wave signal, duty cycle 50:50 (NPN or PNP)
  Signal current
<25 mA
Electrical connection
4-pin-plug M12x1
Power supply
24 VDC±15%
Power consumption
0.6 W
Electrical protection measures
short-circuit proof, polarity protection
Pin assignment
Pin assignment

PIN 1: +U
PIN 2: frequency output NPN or PNP
PIN 4: frequency output NPN or PNP

We recommend using resistors of ~2.2kΩ
and 0.25 W for pull-up/pull-down wiring.

* test conditions: Water 23 °C

Pressure Drop

Pressure Drop of Magnetic Flow Meter

Electrical connection PNP or NPN

The MAG-VIEW™ has an NPN or PNP frequency signal depending on the configuration outlined below.

Electrical connection PNP of Magnetic Flow Meter           Electrical connection NPN of Magnetic Flow Meter



Dimensions of Magnetic Flow Meter



The fields of application for this magnetic flow meter are diverse:
  • Can be used in areas where flow sensors with moving parts (paddle wheel, turbine sensors) cannot be applied due to contaminated media
  • Sensor is intended for continuously measuring of flow rates or for dosing / batching of electrically conductive liquids with a minimum of 20µS/cm
  • Water distribution
  • Chemical feed
Water and aquaous conductive liquids


Magnetic Flow Meter [12.5Е250 lpm]
Magnetic Flow Meter [12.5Е250 lpm]
Magnetic Flow Meter [12.5Е250 lpm]

Magnetic Flow Meter [12.5Е250 lpm]

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