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SONIC-VIEW instrument cable, loose end shielded

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  • Model: MFO.CB.15
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  • Brand: Cabling

Fully stocked, despatch </br> will be within 2 days.
Fully stocked, despatch
will be within 2 days.

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Cable Specifications

Wire/ pin assignment

Pin assignmentPIN 1 | Brown          : +U
PIN 2 | White          : alarm output PNP
PIN 3 | Blue            : GND
PIN 4 | Black           : frequency output PNP
PIN 5 | Gray            : analog output 4..20mA

Length  2 meter
Operating temperature range -25°C / +80°C
 Housing / Molded body TPU
 Insert TPU
 Contact CuSn,
pre-nickeled and 0.8 microns
 Receptacle shell / knurled screw/
 nut / hexagon screw/nut / sleeve
CuZn, nickel-plated
 O-ring FKM
 Outer jacket PUR, halogen free
Mechanical data
 Degree of protection

Only in locked position with
its proper counterparts.

Electrical data
 Contact resistance  ≤ 5 mΩ
 Nominal current at 40°C 4A
 Nominal voltage 60V
 Rated voltage 63V
 Test voltage 1.5 kV eff. / 60 s
 Insulation resistance > 109 Ω
 Pollution degree 3

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