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Vortex Flow Meters - Liquid

The smart and lightweight flow and consumption meter for monitoring cleansing, cooling water or spa water

The LIQUI-VIEW Base series operate on the Karman vortex principle and are made for operation on liquids. A great advantage of these vortex flow meters is the absence of moving parts which makes these instruments impervious to deposits of hard water and maintenance free.

These IP65 rated liquid flow meters can be supplied in ranges from 0.5 l/min up to 150 l/min at max. 12 bar pressure rating.
Furthermore the instruments can be supplied with a bright, wide-angle and tilting display for local readout.
LIQUI-VIEW Base - vortex flow meter
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LIQUI-VIEW Base vortex flow meter models:


Flow Ranges

Pulse Output

Analog (4-20 mA) Output

Analog (4-20 mA) Output
+ Display for local readout

0.5 .. 10 l/min LVB-06-P LVB-06-A LVB-06-AD
0.9 .. 15 l/min LVB-08-P LVB-08-A LVB-08-AD
2.0 .. 40 l/min LVB-10-P LVB-10-A LVB-10-AD
3.5 .. 50 l/min LVB-15-P LVB-15-A LVB-15-AD
5.0 .. 85 l/min LVB-20-P LVB-20-A LVB-20-AD
9.0 .. 150 l/min LVB-25-P LVB-25-A LVB-25-AD

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