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Breathing Life into Aquaculture: Thermal Mass Flow Meters in Fish Farming

Fishign frIntroduction: Aeration in Aquaculture

In the fjords of Norway, where the waters are calm but the challenges of aquaculture are many for fishing farms, the introduction of oxygen-rich air into the water, known as aeration, is a lifeline for salmon farming. 
Aeration not only promotes the health and growth of salmon but also serves as a preventive measure against the dreaded fish lice.

Thermal mass flow meters for aeration fish farmingThe MASS-STREAM Solution

To combat these challenges, the MASS-STREAM series of thermal mass flow meters (MFM) offers the solution. Each MFM is dedicated to a single fish cage, ensuring precise control over the air supply, which ranges from 250 to 600 liters per minute.

The integration of a human-machine interface (HMI) allows for remote monitoring and control. Operators can manage the aeration process from the comfort of a command center on land, utilizing a PLC and the Modbus communication protocol to communicate with the feeding raft via a 5G network.

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Aeratoin in fishnetsRobust Design Meets Industrial Needs

The robust design of the MASS-STREAM instruments, with their IP65 rating and direct mass flow measurement based on Constant Temperature Anemometry (CTA), ensures reliability in the Norwegian environment. 
The integrated digital display on each device allows for local monitoring, providing an additional check of the flow rate for the operators by the farms.

Conclusion: A Cost-Effective Strategy

The implementation of thermal mass flow meters in salmon farming is not just about maintaining the health of the fish; it’s a strategic move to prevent the costly and time-consuming treatment of fish lice. 
The MASS-STREAM series stands out for its excellent price-performance ratio, making it an sustainable and profitable operation of Norwegian salmon farms.

two thermal mass flow meters with display
> MASS-STREAM Thermal Mass Flow Meter

  • Flow range  up to 1000 l/min (4 models max range; 50, 200, 500 ,1000 ln/min)
  • Output Analog 4-20mA and Digital RS-232 communication
  • Display  Actual flow, totalized flow, alarms and more
  • Gas 6 pre-installed gases: Air, N2, O2, Ar, CH4, CO2
  • Excellent repeatability < 0,2 % FS 
  • Less sensitivity to humidity or dirt
  • Compact rugged design (IP65, dust and waterproof)

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