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MASS-STREAM Thermal Mass Flow Meter for GasesMS-105 and MS-109

MASS-STREAM mass flow meters for gases are based on the thermal through-flow measurement principle. 

Covering a wide measurement range, from 0.5...50 ln/min up to 10...1000 ln/min Air equivalent. 
Each Mass Flow Meter is equipped with exciting features, like our multi-functional on-board display for indicating actual flow, totalized flow, and alarms.

All 4 models, shown in the table below, have 6 pre-installed gases: Air, N2, O2, Ar, CH4, CO2;
analog 4-20mA output signals and Digital RS-232 communication.
With Bronkhorst's FLUIDAT Onboard it is possible to select other gases or mixtures via our free software Bronkhorst FlowSuite.

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Max. capacities in ln/min (SLM) per model for various gases




The thermal Mass Stream Bronkhorst® mass flow meters for gases based on direct through-flow measurement are produced in Germany since 1997.

The MASS-STREAM™ series D-6400 works following the constant temperature anemometer principle. Our MASS-STREAM™ instruments cover a wide range of measurement and control applications in almost every industry sector - like mechanical engineering and process industry, gas production, food and beverage industry as well as environmental engineering and the chemical industry.

  • The MASS-STREAM thermal mass flow meter series operate on the principle of direct thermal mass flow measurement (no by-pass); rather than measuring the volume flow it measures the actual mass flow, without the need of temperature and pressure correction.MASS-STREAM Thermal Mass Flow display
  • The modern multi-coloured TFT display provides an multi-functional display: actual flow, fluid sets, totalizer with memory and reset, alarm, setup and more.
  • With Bronkhorst’s FLUIDAT Onboard it is possible to select other gases or mixtures via our free software Bronkhorst FlowSuite
  • These models have 6 pre-installed gases on board that can be set via the onboard display; Air, Nitrogen(N2), Oxygen(O2), Argon(Ar), Methane(CH4), Carbon dioxide(CO2)
  • The digital thermal gas mass flow meters are standard equipped with 4…20 mA and RS-232 output signals.
  • The highly accurate FLUIDAT gas database ensures best in class conversion from Air to the customer gas. Additionally, the on-board gas database is used for real-time corrections of the flow measurement based on the actual process temperature.