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The Intelligent mass flow meter

The digital Variable Area mass flowmeter the MASS-VIEW®  operate on the principle of direct thermal mass flow measurement. A major advantage of using this type of sensor is that the instruments measure direct mass flow, without the need for temperature and pressure correction.

This digital Variable Area mass flowmeter has compared to conventional Variable Area meters high accuracy and rangeability (up to 1:100). The 10 pre-installed gases eliminate the need to recalibrate for different gases and therefore reduce the cost of ownership. For your convenience, we also have our flow ranges in other flow units.

 Want to regulate the flow? MASS-VIEW Regulators                             Keep a constant flow? MASS-VIEW Controllers

We have also mass flow meters for Helium (He) and Hydrogen (H2)


Flow Range

MV-191-HE20 .. 200 mln/min
MV-192-HE50 .. 2000 mln/min
MV-194-HE0.1 .. 20 ln/min
MV-196-HE0.2 .. 100 ln/min


Flow Range

MV-191-H220 .. 200 mln/min
MV-192-H250 .. 1000 mln/min
MV-194-H20.1 .. 10 ln/min
MV-196-H20.2 .. 100 ln/min

MASS-VIEW the digital gas mass flow meter

As for the current century, Bronkhorst developed the MASS-VIEW gas flowmeter series which is the digital high-tech alternative to these traditional variable area meters(gas rota meter).
Thanks to today’s digital possibilities, many other advantages arises for many industrial processes and chemical plants.

  • The MASS-VIEW digital gas flow meter series operate on the principle of direct thermal mass flow measurement (no by-pass); rather than measuring the volume flow it measures the actual mass flow, without the need of temperature and pressure correction.
  • The digital OLED display provides you an easy direct or relative reading of the actual flow. Herewith parallax errors are excluded.
  • With this digital flow meter, you can obtain the accumulated flow easily. This availability of data gives insight in costs, leading to data driven decision making power.
  • A digital flow meter can be mounted in any position. The variable area meter needs to be mounted in a vertical position.
  • The flow path is made of sustainable aluminum rather than plastic or glass which is fragile.
  • The digital instruments are standard equipped with 0-5V, RS-232 and Modbus-RTU output signals. The VA meters usually do not have any output signal available at all.
  • The digital flow meter has 2 built-in relays which indicate an alarm situation. Herewith, external devices can be controlled.
  • A MASS-VIEW flow meter has multiple pre-installed gases on board as opposed to traditional VA meters, which are produced for one particular fluid only.
  • Digital instruments have a range ability of 1:100 and 10 pre-installed ranges, as opposed to VA meters usually have a range ability of 1:10 and one single full scale range only.