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Bronkhorst FlowSuite

We are excited to announce the MASS-VIEW & MASS-STREAM capabilities with the Bronkhorst FlowSuite software. Bronkhorst FlowSuite
With Bronkhorst FlowSuite, you can take full advantage of the features of the instrument such as fluid selection, unit and capacity changes, alarm and counter functions. 

We have also made significant improvements to the user interface to make it even easier to configure and monitor your Bronkhorst instruments. 


Key features of Bronkhorst FlowSuite: 

  • Checking the device status
  • Measurement graph view 
  • Logging basic parameters
  • Device alarm and counter settings
  • Configurable dashboard to monitor only the information of your interest. 
  • Demo mode to explore our new features (no need to connect any instrument). 
  • Automatic search and connect on start. 

Bronkhorst Flow Suite also supports other Bronkhorst instruments such as; FLEXI-FLOWMASS-STREAM D6400, EL-FLOW Prestige/Select.
For more information please check the Bronkhorst FlowSuite page: Bronkhorst FlowSuite

If you are using MS Windows, but you do not have access to the Microsoft Store, you can use the sideload version.

Bronkhorst FlowSuite screenshots