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Markets & Applications

four thermal mass flow instruments for aeration in fishig farms

Breathing life into Aquaculture: Thermal Mass Flow Meters In Fish Farming

In Norway’s tranquil fjords, aeration breathes life into salmon farming. 
Oxygen bubbles rise, nurturing fish health and thwarting fish lice. Dive into this underwater saga! 🐟✨ 🐟

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Two Magnetic flow meters

How does a magnetic flow meter register water flow

Explore the precision of magnetic flow meters in our latest blog. 
Learn how they harness Faraday’s Law to measure flow rates with no pressure drop, perfect for diverse fluids. 
Ideal for slurries, our models offer enhanced accuracy. Dive in now! 🌊🔍

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MASS-VIEW The digital variable area / purge meter

MASS-VIEW the digital variable area / purge meter

Traditional VA meters have some great aspects; they are simplistic in design, relatively low cost, low maintenance and are easy to install. But also have some drawbacks. Purge meters are accurate for a certain medium at a given temperature and pressure. A digital alternative to this is a digital flow meter.
Read more about the differences and why a digital flow meter could be interesting for you to use instead 

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Hydrogen will be the future

In recent years, a lot of research has been done into if Hydrogen (H2) could be a successor to fossil fuel and if it could be stored for generating electricity.
With the new European green deal made by the European Commission for making Europe climate neutral in 2050, here will be more investment made in Hydrogen research to reach that target.

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Laboratory setup

How thermal mass flow meters connect the world

Nowadays the entire world is connected through electrical connections. Several products, but the MASS-VIEW Meters® in particular, of Mass Flow Online can be used during the production of electric cables and wires. Cables and wires are used in almost every application in the digital world from the electric cables that make computers function to cables that transfer energy generated with wind turbines or solar panels.

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All about plasma


Basically everyone is familiar with the three most famous states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. However plasma the fourth state of matter is unfamiliar to most people. When asked what plasma is most people think about the plasma in blood which is the liquid that transports nutrients throughout the human body. Less people will think about the plasma that is generated in the northern- and southern lights, lighting and the ionized balls of plasma that make up the sun and stars that light up our sky.

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The versatility of LIQUI-VIEW Base Meters

Vortex flow meter sewage

Flow measurement is used to accumulate a fixed volume of fluid and count the number of times the volume is filled to measure the flowrate. Vortex meters are The Karman Vortex Flow principle is based on a law that was theoretically proven by Theodore von Karman in 1912. He stated that there is a proportional relation between the flow velocity of a fluid and the vortex generation frequency.

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Sustainable food production

Healthcare mass flow meter

World-wide 1.5 million babies are born every week, over the last hundred years the human population has grown from fewer than two billion to over seven-and-a-half billion people. Aside from this people live longer due to better nutrition and healthcare and the average age of populations worl-wide is increasing. This means our planet has to feed over four times as many mouths as it had to a century ago and the world population is still growing.

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The future of driving

future of driving

What will cars look like in the future and what fuel will they use? This is a big question lots of researchers ask themselves and there are at least as many opportunites and possibilities as there are questions. Research teams around the world are competing to design, build, and drive the ultimate energy-efficient vehicles

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Future vision

MASS-VIEW opstelling

Mass Flow ONLINE is a daughter company of Bronkhorst High-Tech, a Dutch company that focuses on ‘thought leadership in low-flow fluidics handling technology’. Bronkhorst High-Tech offers the most extensive product range of thermal mass flow meters and controllers on the market. Apart from an extensive standard product range Bronkhorst collaborates with customers to develop the best customized process measurement and control solution. Bronkhorst offers innovative solutions and round the clock support with a world-wide network of distributors and service centers. 

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Innovation in the medical field

Medical field mass flow meters

For centuries outbreaks of numerous diseases called pandemics would plague human populations in large regions or even world-wide. Throughout history there have been a number of widespread pandemics the most devastating being the Black Death pandemic that killed over 75 million people in the 1350’s and the latest being influenza outbreaks, also known as the Spanish flu, in 1918 and 2009.

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From hydrogen and oxygen to fuel cell

Hydrogen to oxygen

The first fuel cells were invented in 1838 but they wereanot used commercially until the NASA space program developed a program using fuel cells to generate power for satellites and space capsules. Discover in this article how the MASS-VIEW® can be used to create a fuel cell.

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Mass Flow ONLINE products in the oil industry

Methane bed

Along with oil and gas a byproduct called produced water is brought to the surface during the exploration and production of oil and gas. During coal bed methane production wells are drilled into coals seams to allow the gas to release itself, but first water has to be pumped to the surface. This water contains some of the chemical characteristics and hydrocarbon from the formation because the substances have been stored underneath the earth’s surface for centuries.

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MASS-VIEW series applied to the nuclear industry


The French based company Premium Analyse is specialized in the detection of radioactive gases. They are successfully active in the nuclear industry and they are able to deliver turnkey solutions on requests. Their radiation measuring devices are suitable for applications in process control, radioprotection, environmental protection, dismantling and research. Discover in this article in which way the MASS-VIEW® series adds value to their business.

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MASS-VIEW used to monitor the breathing process of people

Man with mask, flow meter

MASS-VIEW instruments can be used to test specialist equipment and filters inside this equipment and to monitor the breathing process of people. Examples of such an application are the monitoring of air flow to the breathing masks of specialist equipment used for entering hazardous areas and the monitoring of air and other gases to divers and barometric chambers. In addition to the obvious empirical flow data a number of inferred conclusions can be made by the operator. If the flow is below a certain level, it is possible that the person is no longer breathing correctly anymore. If the flow is above a certain level, it could be possible that the mask is not in the right position because the person has, for example, fallen.

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FUEL-VIEW used to verify fuel consumption in Toyota Green Grand Prix

FUEL-VIEW flow meter

The Toyota Green Grand Prix is a yearly fuel economy challenge on the NASCAR course at Watkins Glen International. On April 11 2014, pre-registered drivers can participate at the fuel-efficiency competition with their alternate fueled vehicles, hybrids and traditional gasoline-powered and diesel-powered vehicles. Educational talks by manufacturers and vendors are also part of the Green Grand Prix activities.

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MASS-VIEW ensures accurate and repeatable control of carrier gas in powder feeders

Gas powder feeder

Powder feeders are used in thermal spray, laser and welding applications. These feeders need to provide high precision and repeatable powder feed for all these applications. Powder feeders can be equipped with MASS-VIEW meters for accurate and repeatable control of the carrier gas.

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MASS-VIEW used in test equipment for flammability tests

Burning oven

Attrezzature Tecniche Speciali di Galbusera is an Italian manufacturer of test benches and test equipment for the control of quality and electrical safety according to current international standards (IEC, UL, ISO, etc.). This requires high accuracy in their measurements. The company uses MASS-VIEW mass flow meters to regulate and control the gas flow in tests for verification of flammability of plastic materials, textiles, and electric cables.

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MASS-VIEW used instead of VA-meter in Life SciencesFlowmeter bank

In Switzerland, a customer active in Life Sciences uses the MASS-VIEW MV-104. They replaced Variable Area meters (VA-meter) because they were not precise enough. 
They use the mass flow meter of Mass Flow ONLINE to calibrate a valve that is used to dose CO2. 

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FUEL-VIEW flow meters help owners of leisure boats to save money

Leisure boats

In Scandinavia, FUEL-VIEW fuel flow meters are used in leisure boats. FUEL-VIEW monitors how much fuel is flowing from the carburetor into the engine. Since fuel is very expensive in Scandinavia, this product can help owners of leisure boats to save a lot of money. It will help boat owners to see which speed is most economical. Boat owners will see how many liters/hour the engine needs.

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Measure fuel consumption of buses with FUEL-VIEW


The rising cost of diesel means it is a valuable commodity for bulk commercial users across a variety of industries, making it vital to ensure that expensive fuel is used wisely, not wasted or pilfered. The multifunctional FUEL-VIEW fuel flow meter enables the reception of objective information about fuel consumption and vehicle working time. It also allows reducing fuel and repairing costs. The economic effect of using fuel accounting devices is different at various companies, usually from 10% to 40%, depending on the baseline situation and management persistence.

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Use MAG-VIEW and SONIC-VIEW to measure flows in the chemical industry

Gas tanks flow meters

Numerous flows of liquids need to be measured within the chemical industry. Typical applications are continuous measurement of flow rate of high corrosive acids and liquid slurries; chemical feed and water distribution. Our ultrasonic (SONIC-VIEW) and magnetic (MAG-VIEW) flow meters are very suitable to measure low liquid flows. These flow meters meet the demands of the chemical industry

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MASS-VIEW is best mass flow meter for hospitals and life sciences

Hospitals Mass flow meters

A supplier of medical gases and gas management systems bought MASS-VIEW® flow meters for measuring O2. By measuring the consumption of oxygen per floor, they knew precisely what to charge to the hospital. MASS-VIEW® flow meters have a clear graphical display with totalizer function which is very useful for reading the actual oxygen flow.

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MASS-VIEW plays a big role in plasma and welding applications

Welding gas

Mass Flow ONLINE offers high-quality, best-cost flow meters and regulators to accurately measure and/or adjust the flow of welding gases to serve customers with optimizing their TIG/GTAW and MIG/GMAW welding operations. Our MASS-VIEW® instruments can measure the flow rate of air, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, propane and methane or helium or hydrogen. The operator can easily switch between various welding gases and ranges and these can be selected using the menu button. One MASS-VIEW® instrument can therefore replace a range of rotameters and thus reduce the total cost of ownership.

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Fermentation for wine production with MASS-VIEW mass flow meters

Wine fermentation

During the fermentation process of grapes in a tank CO2 gas is produced. The quantity of CO2 is important because it represents the kinetics of the wine manufacturing process.

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