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MASS-VIEW used to monitor the breathing process of people

MASS-VIEW instruments can be used to test specialist equipment and filters inside this equipment and to monitorMASS-VIEW Breathing Mask  the breathing process of people. Examples of such an application are the monitoring of air flow to the breathing masks of specialist equipment used for entering hazardous areas and the monitoring of air and other gases to divers and barometric chambers. In addition to the obvious empirical flow data a number of inferred conclusions can be made by the operator. If the flow is below a certain level, it is possible that the person is no longer breathing correctly anymore. If the flow is above a certain level, it could be possible that the mask is not in the right position because the person has, for example, fallen.

Currently VA-meters, otherwise known as rotameters, are often used in this type of application. Unfortunately, a number of issues can arise from their use such as pressure, and pressure-shock limitations due to their glass construction; incorrect flow reading due to parallax errors and susceptibility to atmospheric pressure variations; and severe limitations on high to low flow rate change and associated reduced precision.