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Use MAG-VIEW and SONIC-VIEW to measure flows in the chemical industry

Numerous flows of liquids need to be measured within the chemical industry. Typical applications are continuous measurement of flow rate of high corrosive acids and liquid slurries; chemical feed and water distribution. Our ultrasonic (SONIC-VIEW) and magnetic (MAG-VIEW) flow meters are very suitable to measure low liquid flows. These flow meters meet the demands of the chemical industry:

    • Minimal energy consumption and material use (waste reduction)
      Currently, social responsibility, waste reduction and minimal energy consumption are issues that are receiving increased attention globally. In the chemical industry, a lot of liquids are utilized. Our ultrasonic and magnetic flow meters can be used in order to track consumption of expensive liquids better. This way, the amount of waste is reduced.
    • Aggressive, toxic and contaminated liquids
      SONIC-VIEW can be used for measuring low flows (up to 110 l/min) of electrically non-conductive liquids, e.g. DI water. Thanks to the stainless steel flow channel, this meter is also suitable for measuring aggressive and toxic liquids in the chemical industry.
      MAG-VIEW flow meters can be used for measuring low flows (up to 200 l/min) of water and other conductive liquids, including contaminated liquids and chemical feed.
    • Low cost of ownership
      No moving parts are present in both SONIC-VIEW and MAG-VIEW meters. As a consequence, the ultrasonic and magnetic flow meters have a long life cycle and a long-term maintenance free operation. This ensures low costs of ownership.
    • Quick and simple start-up and shut down
      Our ultrasonic and electromagnetic flow meters have a start-up time of only a few seconds. In the chemical industry, time is money, so a quick start-up is very important.
  • Extreme environmental conditions
    SONIC-VIEW has IP54 and MAG-VIEW has IP65 ingress protection, which means they are dust protected and protected against splashing water. Besides, MAG-VIEW flow meters are easy to clean, since they can cope with cleaning in place.
    Response time of both the SONIC-VIEW and the MAG-VIEW meter is very fast; so these flow meters are able to respond quickly to flow variations.
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