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MASS-VIEW used instead of VA-meter in Life Sciences

Flowmeterbank In Switzerland, a customer active in Life Sciences uses the MASS-VIEW MV-104. They replaced Variable Area meters (VA-meter) because they were not precise enough. They use the mass flow meter of Mass Flow ONLINE to calibrate a valve that is used to dose CO2.

Variable Area flow meters  (also known as rotameters) can be used to determine the flow rate of gases and liquids. The fluid flows upward through a vertical conical tube with a diameter that increases in the upwards direction. The cross sectional area of the meter varies across the length of the tube allowing the movement of the float to represent a logarithmic increase in volumetric flow rate. A disadvantage of a VA-meter is that accuracy  degrades when fluid temperatures and pressures fluctuate. The MASS-VIEW mass flow meter does not require correction for changes in gas temperature or pressure because it measures the mass rather than volume.

In our FAQ you can read what other differences there are between a VA-meter and a mass flow meter.