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MASS-VIEW is best mass flow meter for hospitals and life sciences

A supplier of medical gases and gas management systems bought MASS-VIEW® flow meters for measuring O2. By measuring the consumption of oxygen per floor, they knew precisely what to charge to the hospital. MASS-VIEW® flow meters have a clear graphical display with totalizer function which is very useful for reading the actual oxygen flow.

Within hospitals, numerous gas flows need to be measured and controlled. Traditionally, the medical industry has often used Variable Area meters or Rotameters for measuring gases. However, due to their low accuracy and susceptibility to pressure and temperature variations, these meters are often not viable for many medical and life science applications.

MASS-VIEW® flow meters are a high technology replacement for such traditional instruments. They have the same visual impact characteristics as VA-meters, but with the significantly increased accuracy and integrity of direct thermal mass flow meters. MASS-VIEW® flow meters do not require correction for changes in gas temperature, pressure or density and the signal output is ideal for continuous data logging for accountability purposes. They also overcome the introduction of inaccuracies caused by parallax error whereby different readings can be taken from the float simply by taking them from the wrong viewpoint. Overall, MASS-VIEW® measurement is found to provide greater accuracy, improved repeatability and increased compatibility of data – features that provide real benefits to the modern hospital.

Furthermore, a potential safety hazard exists with VA meters as stress-cracking or impact can result in the glass metering tube shattering. This leads to not only dangerous shards of glass being present but also the uncontrolled escape of dangerous gases into the facility. The intrinsic design of MASS-VIEW® overcomes these drawbacks by removing fragile components from the flow path and employing an OLED screen, as used in mobile phones and MP3 players, to display an easily-interpreted bar graph and actual flow value.