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FUEL-VIEW used to verify fuel consumption in Toyota Green Grand Prix

The Toyota Green Grand Prix is a yearly fuel economy challenge on the NASCAR course at Watkins Glen International. On April 11 2014, pre-registered drivers can participate at the fuel-efficiency competition with their alternate fueled vehicles, hybrids and traditional gasoline-powered and diesel-powered vehicles. Educational talks by manufacturers and vendors are also part of the Green Grand Prix activities.

The Alfred State automotive department competes in the Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen every year. This year they will have four entries in various competition classes.
The university was looking for a fuel flow sensor and meter capable of measure fuel delivered to the car’s gasoline engine for the purpose of verifying fuel consumption. They had some specific needs:
• The system needs to be able to measure fuel flow as low as 1 liter per hour;
• Be accurate enough to detect a very small difference in consumption (i.e., 2 cars that get nearly identical fuel economy);
• Be able to run on 12 volts DC, or battery power;
• Be able to withstand at least 60 psi fuel pressure.
The FUEL-VIEW model DFM-50C could fulfill all their needs. At this time, the fuel flow meter will be used as a demonstration only. If enough competitors like the idea of this new way of measuring consumption, the university hopes to start a new class next year.

FUEL-VIEW model “DFM-50C” installed on the 2011 Honda Insight.
Fuel Flow Meter installed in a car



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