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The versatility of LIQUI-VIEW Base Meters

Flow measurement is used to accumulate a fixed volume of fluid and count the number of times the volume is filled to measure the flowrate. Vortex meters are The Karman Vortex Flow principle is based on a law that was theoretically proven by Theodore von Karman in 1912. He stated that there is a proportional relation between the flow velocity of a fluid and the vortex generation frequency. Thus measuring flow is made possible through detecting the number or pulse of votices that are created when a column-shaped obstruction is build into the pipeline and this alternating number of vortices downstream is counted. This process is called a Karman vortex schedding street and because of the proportional relation the flowrate can be calculated.

Vortex Flow Meters: the easy and maintenance free way to measure the flowrates of liquids.


Sectors and set-ups

The LIQUI-VIEW Base meters are based on Karman’s principle and are used to measure the flow of water or other liquids in many different set-ups and production sectors. These are some examples of the appliacation of the Vortex Flow meters:

  • To measure the amount of water in a heated laboratory system.
  • To dose the water that is let into a processing tank.
  • To measure the flowrate of water through sprinklerheads.
  • To measure the flow of water for concrete mixer vehicles.
  • The LIQUI-VIEW Base series is a smart lightweight flow and consumption meter for monitoring cleansing, cooling or spa water. The meters are available in a wide range from 0.5 l/min up to 150 l/min at a maximum pressure of 12 bar and can be supplied with a bright, wide-angle and tilting display for local readout. The wide array of possible product feature makes this a very versatile product that can be applied in numerous industries and set-ups. Due to the absence of moving parts the meter is impervious to deposits of hard water an maintenance free.

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Flow installation




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