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FUEL-VIEW flow meters help owners of leisure boats to save money

In Scandinavia, FUEL-VIEW fuel flow meters are used in leisure boats. FUEL-VIEW monitors how much fuel is flowing from the carburetor into the engine. Since fuel is very expensive in Scandinavia, this product can help owners of leisure boats to save a lot of money. It will help boat owners to see which speed is most economical. Boat owners will see how many liters/hour the engine needs.

The FUEL-VIEW digital meter does not only monitor flow rate and fuel consumption. It also monitors engine operating times, volumes of diesel theft and other parameters. The fuel flow meter is a compact, light weight and very cost-effective solution for measuring diesel consumption. Leisure boat owners want to know about fuel consumption and any incidents of diesel theft as well as engine statistics for preventative maintenance. Therefore, the FUEL-VIEW fuel flow meter is the ideal solution for them.

FUEL-VIEW leisure boat