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MASS-VIEW used in test equipment for flammability tests

Attrezzature Tecniche Speciali di Galbusera is an Italian manufacturer of test benches and test equipment for the control of quality and electrical safety according to current international standards (IEC, UL, ISO, etc.). This requires high accuracy in their measurements. The company uses MASS-VIEW mass flow meters to regulate and control the gas flow in tests for verification of flammability of plastic materials, textiles, and electric cables.

Mr. Alessandro Galbusera of Attrezzature Tecniche Speciali di Galbusera explains why they chose MASS-VIEW:

“We opted for your tools essentially for these reasons:

  • Very fast delivery
  • Multi Gas / Multi Range instruments, which means that a single instrument can be used instead of two or more.
  • Instruments have a high accuracy
  • Best price-quality ratio
  • Ability to use free Bronkhorst software tools for installation and operation by personal computer
  • MASS-VIEW flow meters can be calibrated in Bronkhorst Calibration Centre that is accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by the Dutch Accreditation Council.

Only with MASS-VIEW, I can offer the customer a wide choice of gas and by changing the scale of reference I can achieve the accuracy required by the standard.”