Monday 25 October, 2021
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Measure fuel consumption of buses with FUEL-VIEW

The rising cost of diesel means it is a valuable commodity for bulk commercial users across a variety of industries, making it vital to ensure that expensive fuel is used wisely, not wasted or pilfered. The multifunctional FUEL-VIEW fuel flow meter enables the reception of objective information about fuel consumption and vehicle working time. It also allows reducing fuel and repairing costs. The economic effect of using fuel accounting devices is different at various companies, usually from 10% to 40%, depending on the baseline situation and management persistence.

The FUEL-VIEW digital meter monitors flow rate and fuel consumption, engine operating times, diesel theft volumes and other parameters. It is a compact, light weight and very cost-effective solution for measuring fuel consumption of vehicle fleets, construction plants, leisure boats, diesel-power factory equipment, standby generators, heating boilers and diesel-fired burners.

Owners of bus companies can easily monitor diesel theft. FUEL-VIEW has a protection against unauthorized interference and tampering with the meter. Even if unfair drivers will try to blow the meter with air (it is usually the first thing that comes to their mind), the fact of intervention will be registered. This is the unique tampering control function of the fuel flow meter.

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Save fuel consumption of buses with FUEL-VIEW



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