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The intelligent alternative for VA meters or purgemeters

The MASS-VIEW® series operate on the principle of direct thermal mass flow measurement. A major advantage of using this type of sensor is that the instruments measure direct mass flow, without the need for temperature and pressure correction.

The MASS-VIEW® has compared to conventional VA meters high accuracy and rangeability (up to 1:100). The 10 pre-installed gases eliminate the need to recalibrate for different gases and therefore reduce the cost of ownership. For your convenience, we also have our flow ranges in other flow units.

Flow control is achieved by keeping the pressure drop across the needle valve constant. With a varying upstream pressure, the flow will nearly be constant.

 MASS-VIEW Meters                             MASS-VIEW Regulators

Pre-installed Gases





Air, N2, O2, CO2,
CO and N2O
20 .. 200 mln/min
(CO2 and N2O n.a.)
20 .. 2000 mln/min0.2 .. 20 ln/min0.5 .. 50 ln/min
(CO2 and N2O n.a.)
Arnot available 40 .. 4000 mln/min0.4 .. 20 ln/minnot available
CH4, C3H8 and C4H10not available 10 .. 1000 mln/min0.1 .. 10 ln/minnot available