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Hydrogen will be the future

Hydrogen Digital variable area flow meterIn recent years, a lot of research has been done into if Hydrogen (H2) could be a successor to fossil fuel and if it could be stored for generating electricity. With the new European green deal made by the European Commission for making Europe climate neutral in 2050, here will be more investment made in Hydrogen research to reach that target.

To enable a sustainable and clean energy supply in the future, we need to depend less on fossil fuel reserves because it is more environmentally sustainable to promote the development of automotive, stationary and consumer applications powered by fuel cells.
Hydrogen can be used as a feed stock, a fuel or an energy carrier and storage, and has many possible applications across industry, transport, power and buildings sectors. Most importantly, using hydrogen as a fuel does not cause any CO2 emission or air pollution.

Hydrogen can be produced through several methods. The most common methods today are natural gas reforming (steam reforming) and electrolysis. Other methods include solar-driven and biological processes.

Our digital area variable flow meter, the MASS-VIEW, is actual calibrated on Hydrogen H2 gas to get the best accuracy to be an excellent instrument to measure or regulate flow in application to producing Hydrogen H2 gas but also in the application to use Hydrogen gas, think of welding, storage aerospace or semiconductor manufacturing.

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‘’Cumulative investments in renewable hydrogen in Europe could be up to €180-470 billion by 2050’’ – European Commission

Hydrogen Applications

In the future, hydrogen can also be uses as an important energy carrier. An energy carrier moves and delivers energy in a usable form to consumers. Renewable energy sources, like the sun and wind, can’t produce energy all the time. But they could, for example, produce electric energy and that will produce hydrogen witch electrolysis, which can be stored until it’s needed and transported to areas where it is needed.

  • Multiple Space and Aviation companies for (rocket) fuel and weather balloons
  • Transport industry; fuel for cars, motor bikes, trucks, ships, buses, fork trucks etc.
  • Food industry for hydrogenation converts liquid vegetable oils into solid fats
  • Different manufacturing companies for Atomic hydrogen welding
  • Research Universities for storing hydrogen as usable energy

What we offerH2 Digital variable area flow meter

Mass Flow ONLINE offers MASS-VIEW Meters, Controllers and Regulators that can assist in this production of cables and wires. To be ensured of a high quality product the production process has to be monitored closely and materials have to be measured precisely. The MASS-VIEW allows for direct measurements, regulation and control over the process with a high accuracy and rangeability that is clearly displayed on its OLED display.

  • Special designed MASS-VIEW models that is suited for H2 (Hydrogen) and He (Helium).
  • MASS-VIEW meters / regulators / controllers are available in wide flow ranges from 10 – 200 mln/min up to 1 – 500 ln/min.
  • The compactness of the MASS-VIEW® allows to construct a portable and easy-to-use rig.
  • Possibility to control a variety of gases, like Air, N2, O2, CO2, CO, N2O, Ar, CH4, C3H8 and C4H10.

Quick links to Hydrogen Mass Flow Meters/Regulators pages

PN 10 bar - Hydrogen Regulator

PN 10 bar -  Hydrogen Meter

MV-391-H2  |  20 ... 200 mln/min H2

MV-191-H2  |  20 ... 200 mln/min H2

MV-392-H2  |  50 ... 2000 mln/min H2

MV-192-H2  |  50 ... 1000 mln/min H2

MV-394-H2  | 0.1 ... 20 ln/min H2

MV-194-H2  |  0.1 ... 10 ln/min H2

MV-396-H2  |  0.2 ... 100 ln/min H2

MV-196-H2  |  0.2 ... 100 ln/min H2