Monday 25 October, 2021
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Compact vortex flow meter without moving parts (EN)

LIQUI-VIEW Base SeriesThe new LIQUI-VIEW™ Base series by Mass Flow ONLINE B.V. offer a compact, light weight and cost-effective solution for monitoring the flow or consumption of cleansing, cooling or spa water. The unique sensor body and transmitter design make this flow meter one of the most compact, lightweight flow meters in the industry.

The LIQUI-VIEW Base series operate on the vortex principle. The obstruction (bluff body) placed in the flow of the liquid sheds vortices downstream at a frequency proportional to the velocity of the liquid. A piezo-electric sensor detects the vortices and creates electrical pulses which are proportional to the liquid flow rate. The instruments may be mounted in any position and can be supplied in full scale ranges from 10 l/min up to 150 l/min at max. 12 bar pressure rating. Furthermore the instruments can be supplied with an analog output or a pulse output.

The new LIQUI-VIEW Base can be easily ordered from stock at Mass Flow ONLINE B.V. From this web shop, we deliver competitively priced, high quality products with excellent delivery time. Your on-line order will be shipped within two working days.

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