Thursday 28 October, 2021
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This selection/quotation tool will advise you in selecting the right ultrasonic water flow meter (SONIC-VIEW model) and displays your price.

The compact, non-obstructive instrument operates on the basis of two ultrasonic transducers (transit time principle), mounted on the outer surface of a straight, stainless steel tube.

The advantage of this method of metering is that the transducers will not be in contact with the medium. The flow meter does not contain any moving parts, causes virtually no pressure loss and can be mounted in any position, requiring no straight inlet or outlet runs. Its sensor housing is IP54 protected .


  • The ideal solution for interference free operation
  • Meters have a long life cycle
  • Can be used in areas where flow sensors with moving parts cannot be applied
  • Insensitive against pressure peaks and particles in the medium because of protected transducers
  • Wide independence to the inlet and outlet pipes enable installation in compact machines with cramped confines
  • Both analog (4..20mA) and pulse output signals
  • Alarm can be set easily by rotary switch and is indicated by an LED and alarm output signal
  • Just one chemically resistant wetted part (stainless steel)




Select the flow range for your application.



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