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MASS-VIEW flow regulator with display [Med Flow]

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  • Model: MV-304
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  • Brand: MASS-VIEW

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Features of mass flow regulator

  • Clear indication in:
    -actual flow rate (bar graph and value)
    -desired flow units
    -type of gas
    -totalised flow
  • Bright, wide-angle OLED display
  • Free of parallax error
  • Virtually independent of temperature and
    pressure variations
  • Low pressure drop
  • Wide flow ranges
  • Fast response
  • High accuracy
  • Electronic output:
    - Analog (0 .. 5 Vdc)
    - RS-232 interface (with FLOWBUS)
    - Modbus-RTU/ASCII interface
  • Configurable password protection
  • Alarm and counter functions
  • Relays
  • Multi Gas / Multi Range
  • 10 Pre-installed gases
  • Digitally calibrated
  • Free software tools

Scope of delivery

  • MASS-VIEW flow regulator
  • packing box
  • 9.17.054 Short form manual
  • (optional) fittings
  • (optional) power supply
  • (optional) Battery Pack

Download icon Download technical information of the MASS-VIEW

Pre-installed ranges


Flow range (relative Air)

Range 1
0.2 ln/min .. 20 ln/min (SLM)
Range 2
0.1 ln/min .. 10 ln/min (SLM)
Range 3
0.05 ln/min .. 5 ln/min (SLM)
Range 4
0.04 ln/min .. 2 ln/min (SLM)

Pre-installed gases

pre-installed gases

min. range .. max. range

Air, N2, O2, CO2,
CO and N2O
0.04 .. 20 ln/min (SLM)

Ar 0.08 .. 40 ln/min (SLM)
CH4, C3H8 and C4H10 0.02 .. 10 ln/min (SLM)

Please note:
Our mass flow regulators are sold without fittings and without powersupply , please use the 'Complementary products' tab to order additional accessories. For your convenience, we also have our flow ranges in other flow units.



Technical Specifications



Accuracy ± 2% RD for flow > 50% of max. capacity
± (1% RD + 0.5% FS) on lower flows
Repeatability < 0.2% FS typical
Pre-installed gases Air, N2, O2, CO2, CO, N2O, Ar, CH4, C3H8 and C4H10
Standard calibration gas Air, other gases are converted using our Fluidat® conversion model which will introduce extra inaccuracy
Rangeability up to 1:100
Operating pressure 0 .. 10 bar(g) / 0 .. 150 psi(g)
Pressure coefficient
0.2% / bar typical at Air
Operating temperature 0 .. 50°C (32 .. 122°F)
Temperature coefficient Zero: <0.1%FS/°C, Span: <0.2%RD/°C
Attidude sensitivity < 0.1% FS
Response time (t63%) 2 s

* Notes:
- Mass flow units ln/min and SLM refer to normal operating conditions,
i.e. 0°C (32°F) and 1013 mbar (14.7 psi)
- Technical specifications are based on Air at maximum FS
- All specifications subject to change without notice



Materials (wetted parts) Meter: aluminium, Viton
Needle Valve: SS316, Viton, PTFE
Gas connections (in/out) G 1/4" BSPP female



Electrical connection 8-pin RJ-45 modular jack
Output analog: 0 .. 5 Vdc
digital: RS232 / RS485 (Modbus-RTU/ASCII)
Required supply voltage 15 .. 24 Vdc (± 10%)
Power consumption approx. 135 mA / 2W
Min. and max. relay contracts switching current 0.5 A, 24 Vdc
one side grounded (0 Vdc power)



Test pressure 21 bar (a) / 300 psi (a)
Ingress protection IP-40
Leak integrity (outboard) < 1 x 10-9 mbar l/s He
EMC EU declaration

Pressure Drop

>Pressure drop
for C3H8
Pressure drop for C3H8
>Pressure drop
for Air
Pressure drop for Air
>Pressure drop
for N2
Pressure drop for N2
>Pressure drop
for O2
Pressure drop for O2
>Pressure drop
for Ar
Pressure drop for Ar
>Pressure drop
for CO2
Pressure drop for CO2
>Pressure drop
for CH4
Pressure drop for CH4

Electrical Connection

Electrical Connection of Mass Flow Regulator

Display Menu

The 4-way button with center push gives access to a user-friendly menu, e.g. for zero function, for selection of pre-installed gases in pre-installed ranges, setting of engineering units, alarm functions (minimum/maximum/counter limit) and counter functions. Password protection is provided to prevent unauthorizes changes. Below overview of the MASS-VIEW® menu functions illustrates the great versatility of this product line.Display Menu of Mass Flow Regulator



Dimensions of Mass Flow Regulator



Download our technical documentation and software/drivers related to the MASS-VIEW® Series



The fields of application for MASS-VIEW® flow regulators are diverse:
  • Burner Control (furnace construction)
  • Welding (welding gas monitoring)
  • Leak measurements (quality, environment)
  • Coating (equipment construction)
  • Regulation of gaseous atmospheres (biotechnology)
  • Measurements of gas consumption
  • Test equipment (production maintenance)
  • Local preparation of a gas mixture
  • Flow rate monitoring (laboratories)
  • Cutting (steel sheets)
  • Cost centre billing
  • Analytical equipment
  • Aeration / sparging (food products, ice cream / edible oils
  • Blanketing (food)
  • Fermentation (food, biotechnology, pharma)


MASS-VIEW flow regulator with display [Med Flow]
MASS-VIEW flow regulator with display [Med Flow]

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