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Which flow units are available to select?

The following flow units can be selected on a MASS-VIEW®:

  • mass flow units: μg/h; μg/min; μg/sec; mg/h; mg/min; mg/s; g/h; g/min; g/s; kg/h; kg/min; kg/s
  • volume flow units (at normal conditions): μln/h; μln/min; μln/s; mln/h; mln/min; mln/s; ln/h; ln/min; ln/s; ccn/h; ccn/min; ccn/s; mm3n/h; mm3n/min; mm3n/s; cm3n/h; cm3n/min; cm3n/s; m3n/h; m3n/min; m3n/s; scfh; scfm; scfs; sccm; slm
  • volume flow units (at standard conditions): μls/h; μls/min; μls/s; mls/h; mls/min; mls/s; ls/h; ls/min; ls/s; ccs/h; ccs/min; ccs/s; mm3s/h; mm3s/min; mm3s/s; cm3s/h; cm3s/min; cm3s/s; m3s/h; m3s/min; m3s/s