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What is the maximum flow capacity for different LIQUI-VIEW Base models?

This table shows the maximum flow capacities for different LIQUI-VIEW Base models in several flow units. Please note, these capacities are all shown for Water. Use Fluidat on the Net to calculate to other flow units.

Instrument Model

Max. Flow

Flow in other units (Water equivalent)

LVB-06-A LVB-06-P10 l/min

LVB-08-A LVB-08-P15 l/min

LVB-10-A LVB-10-P40 l/min

LVB-15-A LVB-15-P50 l/min

LVB-20-A LVB-20-P85 l/min

LVB-25-A LVB-25-P150 l/min