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Is it possible to measure the flow of beverages with CO2?

We have a few customers are having good results with CO2 beverages in their application.
It has some typical behavior. The sensor will not break or malfunction, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy.

It depends very much off the installation (pressure, flowrate etc). We advise to test the sensor in your application thoroughly.
Be aware that you have to calibrate the sensor for CO2 compensation and each and every kind of beverages since they all have different viscosity.

The accuracy depends very much on the way the sensor is mounted.

Some tips to increase accuracy:
- Install the sensor with the flow upwards
- Place the sensor not close to vibrating pumps etc.
- Use more pipe length then stated in the manual, in any case before the sensor (the more the better) 

Be careful with cleaning (CIP), check the temperatures allowed according to the datasheet.