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MASS-STREAM Sealing material compatibilty

MS-models are fitted from factory with FKM sealings. Before using other media, always check their compatibility with the applied sealing materials.


Sealing FKM


Ar (Argon) 

C2H2 (Acetylene)

C2H4 (Ethylene)

C2H6 (Ethane)

C2H6O #1 (Dimethylether) 

C3H6 #1 (Cyclopropane 

C3H6 #2 (Propylene) 

C3H8 (Propane) 

C4H10 #1 (Butane)
C4H10 #2 (Isobutane/2-Methylpropane )

C4H6 #3 (Butadiene/Bivinyl)

C4H8 #2 (Butene)

C5H12 #1 (Methyl butane/Isopentane)

C5H12 #2 (Dimethylpropane/Neopentane)

C5H12 #3 (Pentane)
C5H12S #4 (Pentanethiol)
C6H14 #1 (Methyl pentane)
C6H14 #2 (Hexane) 

CH4 (Methane)

CH4S (Methanethiol/Methylmer captan) 

Cl2 (Chlorine) 

CO (Carbon monoxide)

CO2 (Carbon dioxide)

H2S (Hydrogen sulfide) 

HCl (Hydrogen chloride)

N2 (Nitrogen) 

N2O (Nitrous oxide) 

NH3 (Ammonia)

NO (Nitric oxide)

O2 (Oxygen) 

O3 (Ozone)

SiH4 (Silane) 

SO2 (Sulfur dioxide)

For more information about compatibility or changing to another sealing, please contact our Bronkhorst Sales network