Monday 25 October, 2021
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Improved compact electromagnetic liquid flow meter

Electromagnetic liquid flow meterMass Flow ONLINE B.V. presents a new electromagnetic liquid flow meter, available via their internet store. The improved MAG-VIEWTM Q-series is a compact, high quality yet economic device for measuring liquid flow rates in applications where flow sensors with moving parts cannot be applied. Its interference free operation, combined with a long-life cycle and independence to the inlet and outlet pipework, makes MAG-VIEWTM Q-series the perfect solution even in compact machines and installations. The magnetic flow meter can be used for continuous measurement or for batching and dosing applications. Because the measuring tube is completely open, it allows the liquid to flow unhindered through the flow channel.

The plastic MAG-VIEWTM Q-series operates on the magnetic inductive principle and is therefore suitable for electrically conductive liquids with a minimum conductivity of 20 μS/cm. The frequency of the pulse output signal (NPN or PNP) is proportional to the flow. The flow meters feature fast response, low pressure drop and a weatherproof (IP65) enclosure. The instruments are available in four different nominal sizes from DN8 to DN25 and can measure flows ranging from 0.25 l/min to 250 l/min.

MAG-VIEWTMcan be easily ordered from stock at Mass Flow ONLINE B.V. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on

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