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Magnetic Flow Meter [5 .. 200 lpm, 4 .. 20 mA]

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  • Model: MVM-200-QA
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  • Brand: MAG-VIEW

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Features of Magnetic Flow Meter

  • Makes liquid flows visible by
    • Pulse output
    • Analog output (4..20 mA)
    • Blinking LED (green)
  • No mechanical wear
  • No moving parts
  • Ease of mounting and operation
  • Mounting in any position
  • Free pipe cross section
  • No additional pressure drop
  • Fast response (<100 ms)
  • Insensitive with contaminated liquids
  • Ideal solution for interference free operation combined with a long-life cycle
  • Can be used in areas where flow sensors with moving parts cannot be applied
  • Wide independence to the inlet and outlet pipe creates the advantage to be able to install in compact machines with cramped confines

Scope of delivery

  • Magnetic Flow Meter
  • Calibration certificate
  • Packing box
  • MAG-VIEW Manual
  • (optional) instrument cable

Flow Ranges

This magnetic flow meter is suitable to measure flows of water and other conductive liquids within a flow range of 5 .. 200 lpm.




output signal starts

MVM-200-QA 5 l/min 200 l/min ~ 4 l/min



Technical Specifications



Accuracy* 1%RD
Repeatability 1%
Rangeability 1:40
Signal output
starting from
~ 4 l/min
Medium Water and other conductive liquids with a minimum
conductivity of 20 μS/cm (lower conductivity affects the accuracy)
Medium temperature
-10...60 C (not freezing)
Operating pressure
10 bar(a) (20 C), 8 bar(a) (40 C), 6 bar(a) (60 C)
Nominal diameter
DN 20
Process connection
G 1'' BSP male thread
Flow indication
Green LED: flow proportional flashing
Response time
< 100 ms



Materials (wetted parts)

Housing: ABS
Electrodes: Stainless Steel 316L
Process connections: PVDF
Measuring pipe: PVDF
Grounding rings: Stainless Steel 316L

Protection IP65



Frequency output

Pulse rate
200 pulses/l
5.0 ml/pulse
Signal shape
Square wave signal, duty cycle 50:50 (Push-Pull)
Signal current
<100 mA
Electrical connection
4-pin-plug M12x1
Power supply
12...24 VDC10%
Power consumption
Max 3.6 W
Electrical protection measures
short-circuit proof, protected against polarity reversal
Pin assignment
Pin assignment

PIN 1: +U
PIN 2: Analog output
PIN 4: Frequency output

* test conditions: Water 23 C

Pressure Drop

Pressure Drop of electromagnetic flow meter

Electrical connection

The MAG-VIEW has an Push-Pull frequency signal and analog output that corresponds to flow rate [l/min].

Electrical connection Push-Pull of electromagnetic flow meter



Dimensions of electromagnetic flow meter



The fields of application for this magnetic flow meter are diverse:
  • Can be used in areas where flow sensors with moving parts (paddle wheel, turbine sensors) cannot be applied due to contaminated media
  • Sensor is intended for continuously measuring of flow rates or for dosing / batching of electrically conductive liquids with a minimum of 20S/cm
  • Water distribution
  • Chemical feed
  • Measuring of cooling water, measuring of waste water
  • Cleaning Industry: Dosing of detergents and other additives
  • Agriculture: dosing of water, fertilizer, fungicides and pesticides, measuring of water and liquid feed supplements
  • Exhaust Gas Cleaning: Dosing of AdBlue
Water and aquaous conductive liquids


Magnetic Flow Meter [5 .. 200 lpm, 4 .. 20 mA]
Magnetic Flow Meter [5 .. 200 lpm, 4 .. 20 mA]
Magnetic Flow Meter [5 .. 200 lpm, 4 .. 20 mA]

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