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Home FAQ How to set mass counter units in MASS-VIEW?

It is currently not possible to set the counter units in the MASS-VIEW to use “mass” units (ug, mg, g, kg) using the menu. There is a “work around” by setting this parameter using a Windows PC with RS-232 or USB.

This is the procedure how to do this.

Your Question:

Customer can not read the Counter unit in mass flow


Change the sensortype of the instrument using FlowDDE ( parameter 22 from 131 into 130).

Action to take:

–change parameter 22 from value 131 to value 130:–

Connect instrument to a Serial Comm port of a PC.

– Install FlowDDE Software

– Make FlowDDE connection with the instrument and write/read values by FlowDDE server menu “Test FLOW-BUS and DDE F6 “.

Select the parameter number by the dropdown menu or by entering the number in the box, select read or write as described.

–change parameter 22 from value 131 to value 130:–

– Parameter 7 (initreset)     –> Write value 64 (Soft will enable writing parameter 22).

– Parameter 7 (initreset)     –> Read parameter and check value.

– Parameter 22 (Sensortype)–> Write value 130.

– Parameter 22 (Sensortype)–> Read parameter and check value.

– Parameter 7 (initreset)     –> Write value 82 (NormalRunningMode).

– Parameter 7 (initreset)     –> Read parameter and check value.

Now the Counter value is available in the mass units

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