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Does the global shortage of raw materials impact the delivery performance of Mass Flow ONLINE ?

Yes it does, we see extended delivery times for our products series like MASS-VIEW.

Due to the high demand for electrical components in general and the global shortage of raw materials needed for their production, significant delays are occurring within the supply chain. Many raw materials are only available in very limited supply quantities.

Our suppliers are reporting significantly longer lead times, which are severely restricting our own production activities.

Due to this situation, the smooth planning of our production is strongly impaired and even partly hindered. A delayed delivery of raw materials in our factory can already lead to several weeks of delay in the production process. Unfortunately, all these events are out of our control, but we will do our utmost to continue to supply customers with our products in the usual way.

We hope you understand this situation and kindly ask to note that the lead times will be longer as usual.

If you have any further questions, please contact our sales team.

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